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Home Heating: The Green Way

Sunday, July 28th 2013. | Home Design

As we all know too well, heating our home can become very costly all too easily; especially now we are beginning to see the longer, colder winters and unpredictable summers that are being induced by global warming. If we ignore the costs of running the heating momentarily, many people are also, and rightly too, worried about the negative effects our household emission have on the environment. Household heating is normally powered by gas or oil, both of which are non-renewable fuel sources, or by electricity, which again is normally produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. These fuel sources each release a worrying amount of damaging pollutants into the atmosphere and surrounding environment. However in this day and age of technology and innovation we now have plenty of more eco-friendly options available to us in order to heat our homes.


Insulation is the most straightforward option available, as you do not necessarily have to change the fuel source to your home. Insulation causes a reduction to the demand on heating as the heat already produced in your home lasts much longer and does not need constant replacement, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment. The most common and effective solutions to insulating your home against heat loss include insulating your loft, external walls, and cavity walls; double glazing your doors and windows; and including draught excluders on your letterbox and doors.  As well as being the most straightforward, these are often the cheapest solutions as well, for those on a budget.

Solar Power

Very often in this day and age, when someone mentions eco-friendly home heating people think of solar power and solar panels, and rightly so. Whilst some think that they are not the most attractive design, solar panels heat your home with zero demand on non-renewable energy sources, making them incredibly friendly to the environment. It can be argued that they are expensive to install, however over time they massively reduce your energy costs and in many jurisdictions provide tax benefits, thus meaning they will pay for themselves over a period of time.

Air power

Continuing in the renewable energy vain is to use a wind powered heating system. Whilst maybe a less common solution compared to solar power, wind powered energy sources will prove brilliant at powering your heating, proving them to be yet another environmentally friendly option that places no demand on non-renewable energy sources. Again it is arguable that a turbine will reduce the aesthetics of your home more than solar panels, however they also come with the reduction in energy costs and potential tax breaks that mean they will eventually repay their cost whilst helping to save the environment.

Automated systems

In the average household the homeowner estimates the amount of heat they will require, often using a central heating system, which then controls the heating of the house and the water temperature by employing a time-release system. Whilst it can be more convenient, you often end up paying for more energy than you actually use. Instead of blindly operating in this fashion, instead install an automated system that you can digitally control to prescribe the exact time periods that you need to properly heat your home only when you need it. These types of systems prevent the heating from being on when you are not in the house or for times you do not need it such as when you are asleep. Employing a prescribed automated system like this means you are being much more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and also saving yourself money in the long run.

Aside from the topics laid out above there are other ways to ensure your heating does not have as much of a negative impact on the environment as it does at the moment. For one, check the energy efficiency ratings on your heating equipment such as your boiler and optimize them where possible. Secondly, if you are moving or purchasing a new home, talk to your estate agent and buy a house that is already environmentally optimized. Last and by no means least, just use less energy than you already do, i.e. don’t put the heating on when wearing a sweater or a blanket will suffice. We’ve got to live on this planet for a long time and if we don’t look after it then we don’t have anywhere else to go.

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