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Painting Cabinets Black

Saturday, August 19th 2017. | Kitchen Design

Painting Cabinets Black

A great way to make your kitchen or bathroom look more elegant can be accomplished by painting your cabinets black. There is nothing more classic than a solid red or white wall, paired with black cabinets and trim, especially when the room has a lot of natural lighting. Special consideration should be given when you are painting cabinets black, in either of these environments. The bathroom and the kitchen are both exposed to high levels of moisture, as well as changes in temperature. There is a special technique involved in painting your cabinets black. Let’s go over that now.
You will need the following materials –
• Sandpaper
• Screwdriver
• Primer
• Brushes
• Black paint
• Turpentine for cleaning your brushes, and to correct any mistakes.
The first thing you need to do is to remove all of the drawers and doors from the cabinets with your screwdriver. You will also want to remove the hinges and knobs. For the next step you will want to clean the cabinets thoroughly, using a wet cloth. Make sure to completely remove any grease stains. Afterwards, you will want to make sure that you dry all the services thoroughly, using a soft cloth. Next, you will want to resurface the cabinets using sandpaper. You may do this step by hand, though a sander would be preferable. This step is necessary in order to make sure that the primer adheres to the surface. Now you will want to remove any traces of dust that resulted from the sanding process. A dry cloth will do this best.
This next step is key when you’re painting cabinets black. First you must start by priming the cabinets with a primer. This step is so important because your paint will not go on evenly or smoothly unless the cabinets have been prides first. This will also prevents the paint from peeling or chipping. Allow the primer to dry overnight; the primer must be thoroughly dry for the paint to go one evenly. Now we can start painting your cabinets black. Let’s start with the interior of your cabinets. Always start painting the interior before the exterior, it prevents the paint getting on you. When painting cabinets black you will want to use short strokes, as it helps to prevent mistakes and it will also make the surface look smoother. You will want to be sure that the strokes are all going in the same direction. After the interior is done, paint the knobs if necessary, and trim. Then you may start on the exterior of the cabinets.
We are now at the finish line. After completing the painting, allow the cabinets to completely dry, preferably overnight. You may have to do a second coat. Unless the cabinets are thoroughly dry, it is more difficult to tell if they need a second coat. Once the paint is dry go ahead and reassemble your cabinets, and place them back on the wall.
Painting your cabinets black is one of the easiest things you can do to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom. It is also very inexpensive. Enjoy your fresh new room.Painting Cabinets Black Distressed-Kitchen-Cabinets-Pictures black-painting-kitchen-cabinet painted cabinet black Black-Paint-Color-for-Kitchen-Cabinets Refinished-Cabinets distressed-paint-cabinets

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