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Loft Conversion: A Whole New Level

Sunday, August 6th 2017. | Apartment Design, Home Design

Loft Conversion: A Whole New Level


Do you often find yourself wishing for a bit more space in your home? Do you find that you have to keep on throwing away your cherished belongings just to afford yourself moving living space? It seems a loft conversion could be the solution to a lot of your problems.

The main issue in most homes is the house is purchased within a set budget, and you seek out the best available space for your money. As time goes on you buy a bit here, a bit there and suddenly you have no space left to fill. This isn’t a problem only encountered by the untidy or greedy, most people say they wish they had more space in their home. There are many different options available when it comes to adding space; you can use a self-storage center, but then you cannot enjoy use of your possessions on a daily basis; you can build a garage or extension, but a lot of homes will not have the lateral space available to extend sideways; you can buy another shed, but this is only going to fill up even faster than the house; you can move, but how cost efficient is that; or you can extend vertically with a loft conversion.

If you require the additional space for major usage, such as an addition to the family or for recreation such as a home theatre, then converting your loft is massively more cost efficient than the cost of moving to a new home. The costs associated with moving, aside from purchasing the house, are going to include surveyors, legal fees, estate agents, renovating, and mortgage charges amongst an abhorrently long list of others. Ask yourself then is it really worth all the stress, hassle and costs for something as straightforward as creating a bit more space in your own home? At this stage of your life in your home, a loft conversion is towards the very top of the list for being the most cost efficient way to accommodate and harbor your extremely important home lifestyle. Although there is no concrete answer on price, loft conversions usually cost somewhere between £20,000 and £30,000. This may seem like a lot of money, and to be fair it is, however these conversion increase your home’s value by around £20,000 on average, so you are looking at a reduced deficit more towards £10,000. Also, when converting your loft you can customize and furnish the area to your style and needs, something you would probably end up having to do if you moved home regardless.

Conversions then can open up an array additional benefits including natural lighting, high ceilings, balconies and even roof gardens.  Maybe your main problem with the space in your home is down to your lifetime collection of books, then a loft conversion can be used as a library, or maybe it’s all of your DVDs, so why not use the loft as a home cinema? Using a loft conversion as a system for keeping your items in order must be a much better option than parting ways with the collections? And you can always do some of the job yourself, such as the painting and decorating or laying the wooden floors in order to reduce cost.Loft ConversionLoft ConversionLoft ConversionLoft Conversion

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion

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